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Sales promotions have increased dramatically in recent years. More and more companies are redirecting some portion of their advertising budget to sales promotions as a means of increasing short-term profits.  As a result, many consumers now look for promotions before they purchase.

Sometimes defined as "a direct inducement or incentive to the sales force, the distributor or the consumer, with the primary objective of creating an immediate sale", sales promotion is usually one component in a mix that can include advertising, personal selling and publicity.

A sales promotion program can use one or more of many different tactics, including contests, demonstrations, games, gifts, low-interest financing, premiums, rebates and trade shows.  "Pull promotions" encourage consumers to purchase by offering incentives such as cash back, free trials and price reductions.  "Push promotions" promote product to a company's dealer or distributor network by using incentives such as buying allowances, dealer premiums and increased margins.

Clever advertising agency understands that an effective sales promotion must have clear objectives and add real value to a client's selling proposition.  Clever advertising agency works with clients to review objectives, assess budgets and then plan and implement an effective sales promotion mix.