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Clever advertising agency has the knowledge and experience to ensure that key areas for development and growth for ongoing success of your business are identified and implemented.

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Radio Advertising

Radio is a medium that has always held loads of potential for advertising. Be it a ten second or a two minute advertisement, radio scripts have to be well written and capture attention. There’s not a lot of time for you to get your message across and so it will have to be specific and memorable in order to bring in customers and get a buzz going about your company. Keep in mind that radio plays in offices everywhere and continues to be a popular advertising medium. Having a well-written radio script can make all the difference in increasing your ROI (Return on Investments).

Clever advertising agency has solid long term relationships with all major radio stations throughout Ukraine. We can secure agency rates and offer added value promotions to any campaign. Our professional team can write and produce your ads and organize a targeted schedule for you.